Tuesday 10 July 2012

Edward Tyldesley 1635-1685

In 1679, Richard Blome published a new edition of John Guillim's work A display of heraldry, the first edition of which had been issued in 1610.  This usefully includes the Arms of Edward Tyldesley of Morleys.  As these did not appear in earlier editions prior to 1640 (FN1) it is safe to conclude that this is Edward Tyldesley 1635 to 1685, his Grandfather Edward Tyldesley having died in 1618.
The Arms are described thus:
He beareth Argent, three Mole-hills, proper, by the name of Tyldesly, and is born by Edward Tyldesley of Morleys in Lancashire, Esq.
In this context "proper" simply means their natural colours.

1. A most exact alphabeticall table, for the more speedy finding out of all their names and sirnames, whose coat-armes are contained in Guillim his Display of heraldry, 1640