Friday 20 July 2012

The Bleasdell Boulder

As noted in a previous posting, Agatha Tyldesley, daughter of Thomas Tyldesley 1657-1715, married John Bleasdell of Goosnargh and had a son, also John Bleasdell.

Betty Savich of Ontario, Canada, the great-great-great-granddaughter of this younger John Bleasdell, has recorded her descent as follows:
  1. John Bleasdell, son of John Bleasdell and Agatha Tyldesley
  2. James Bleasdell 1767-1830 married Mary Hodson
  3. William Bleasdell 1817-1889 married Agnes Cowell 1816-1894 in 1838 and emigrated to Canada in 1848
  4. William Henry Bleasdell 1848-1910 married Agnes McCuaig 1859-1926 in 1879
  5. Douglas Ralph Bleasdell 1893-1958 married Katherine Margaret McClement 1903-1927 in 1921
  6. Betty Nona Bleasdell 1926- married John Savich 1917-1999 in 1953
A short biography of William Bleasdell 1817-1889 has been published by the Canadian Archival Information Network:
William Bleasdell, Anglican clergyman, was born in England in 1817, the son of James Bleasdell and Mary Hodson, and died in 1889. He was ordained deacon in 1845 and priest in 1846. He came to Canada in 1848 and became priest of St. George's Church in Trenton, Upper Canada. In 1862 he became examining chaplain of the Diocese of Ontario and in 1874 senior canon of St. George's Cathedral in Kingston. He wrote on historical and scientific subjects and in 1876 the University of Trinity College, Toronto, awarded him the degree of D.C.L.He and his wife Agnes had eleven children, three of whom died in infancy.
William Bleasdell took a particular interest in the geology of the Trenton area, and a granite boulder—argued to be the largest glacial erratic in North America—bears his name. It measures 13.4 metres long, 7.3 metres wide and 6.7 metres high and is now part of a conservation area managed by Lower Trent Conservation.