Saturday 11 August 2012

James Tyldesley absconds 1730

The Customs Letter-Books of the Port of Liverpool contain two entries relating to James Tyldesley, brother of the Diarist, in 1730 and 1731:
109. 18 December 1730
Mr James Tyldesley of Liverpool has failed and absconded. Indebted to the crown : £839. 12. 0. His sureties have paid part and will probably ask for time within which to pay the rest. The crown is safe, the sureties being very sufficient, namely, Mr George who is mayor and Mr Thomas Seel.
112. Collector to Board 23 March 1731
Has taken collateral security for the payment of Tyldesleys debt (Messrs. John Entwistle and Augustine Woodward, merchants of Liverpool).
James Tyldesley is also mentioned in the Tyldesley Diary 1712-1714.

1. Customs Letter-Books of the Port of Liverpool 1711-1813, Chetham Society, Third Series Volume 6, 1954