Wednesday 19 September 2012

Christopher Tyldesley—Royal Goldsmith 1398

Christopher Tyldesley was appointed Royal Goldsmith by Richard II on 25 April 1398—an appointment which was confirmed by Henry IV. He was commissioned by Henry IV to fashion at least two collars of esses, the first in 1407:
In the Issue Roll of the Exchequer, Michaelmas, 8 Henry IV., occurs the following entry:—' Paid 3 November to Christopher Tildesley, Citizen and Goldsmith of London, for a collar of gold worked with the Motto Soveignez, and the letter S. and ten annulets garnished with nine pearls, twelve diamonds, eight rubies, eight sapphires, and a large clasp in shape of a triangle with a large ruby set in it, and garnished with four pearls £385 6s 8d'...[FN1]

1. Handbook of Heraldry, John Cussans, 1893