Saturday 20 October 2012

A Cry of Blood 1654

John Musgrave was a quarrelsome Parliamentarian who wrote a series of pamphlets pursuing a range of grievances.

One such pamphlet, A cry of bloud of an innocent Abel against two bloudy Cains published in 1654 is of particular interest as it gives the name of one of the Troopers who had been under the command of Sir Thomas Tyldesley 1612-1651:
Thomas Burton, a notorious Delinquent, was a Trooper under Sir Thomas Tildesly, expressing his malignancy by drinking the Kings health; the gross misdemeanors in executing of his Office while he was Justice of Peace, the many quarrelsome and troublesome suits, his oppressions, and unwarrantable and illegal commitments, his daily frequenting ranting Cavaliers company, are all proved before the Commissioners for compounding, and much more, for which be was fined Fifty pounds, and disabled to be a Justice of Peace. And whereas it is said, that his father was plundered by Sir Philip Musgrave, it is known that his father was under Sir Philip Musgraves protection, and voluntary without compulsion lent large sums of money to Sir Philip to carry on the War; and if there was a more scandalous and malignant Priest in that Countrey, let me receive blame and shame.

1. A cry of bloud of an innocent Abel against two bloudy Cains: being a discovery of two cavalier and malignant brothers conspiracy ageinst another brother of the Parliament party. And a short relation of justices of the peace in Cumberland their illegal proceedings against the Parliaments friends. With a complaint of some corruptions and delays in law and Chancery proceedings, John Musgrave, 1654