Wednesday 7 November 2012

Holcroft Hall 1704

Holcroft Hall came into the possession of the Tyldesley family by the marriage of Thomas Tyldesley 1657-1715 ("the Diarist") to his first wife Eleanor Holcroft in 1679.  It was eventually to be sold in July 1770 following the death of the Diarist's grandson, James Tyldesley 1719-1765.

However, it is clear from the Norris papers that the Diarist attempted to sell Holcroft Hall to Richard Norris in 1704—a sale in which Jonathan Case was eager to interfere:
Red hassells, 22 Decr 1704.
Mr. Richd Norris,
Hearing that your about the purchas of Holcroft, from Mr Tildesley, I thought meete to lett you know that there is a mortgage lyes on that estate, and others, of a considerable sum, which Mr Atherton of Atherton and his sisters clayme an interest in. The Mortgage deed lies in Mr Winkleye's hands, as Register of the Dutchy, being lodged there by advice of that Counsel some yeares since, and now Mr Athertons youngest sister is attained age there will be speedy course taken for the recovery of that money. I being lately with Mr Atherton he desired I would give you this account, which I thought it a neighbourly duty to perform, in addition to quieting the title, especially where my worthy good friend Mr Norres is interested. This, with my humble service at present,
Your obliged friend and servant,
Jonn Case.
Sr, I can give you a full satisfaction how this matter stands.
The writer is likely to be Jonathan Case of Red Hazels or Redhasles in Huyton.