Tuesday 24 September 2013

Bridget Tyldesley 1675

The Diary of the Blue Nuns at Paris—the Order of the Immaculate Conception of Our Lady—records the arrival of Bridget Tyldesley in 1675:
...This year the two litle Throckmorton with Mis Tillsly their Governess came to be educated. 
Tyldesley (Tillsley), Miss, governess to the Throckmortons, came to the convent 1675. She may have derived from a younger son of the Tyldesleys of Morleys Hall, in Tyldesley, and of Myerscough Lodge, co. Lancaster, of whom four were nuns at the Augustinian Convent in Paris, and several elsewhere. The family seated at Fornham St. Geneveve and Bury St. Edmund's, co. Suffolk, were descended from the Stanzacre branch of the family, and John Tyldesley, of Fornham St. Geneveve, sold Stanzacre Hall, co. Lancaster, early in the 18th century,— 25 [FN1]
The footnote, probably written by Joseph Gillow, suggests that Bridget Tyldesley was from the Fornham St Genevieve branch of the family. However, the only Bridget Tyldesley known from that branch was born after 1675, and married Francis Hanne of Deviock in Cornwall—as noted by Gillow in an earlier volume published by the Catholic Record Society.

1. Catholic Record Society, Volume 8, 1910

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