Friday 27 September 2013

Edward Tyldesley 23 June 1655

In June 1655, Daniel Fleming 1633-1701 was in London to prepare for his wedding. As he recorded in his diary, on 23 June 1665 he went swimming in the Thames with two of his relatives—Richard Kirkby and Edward Tyldesley 1635-1685:
June 23, I did swim in Thames with my cosins K.[1] & Tildesley [2]. 
  1. Richard Kirkby, a colonel in the army of Charles I, eldest son and heir of Roger Kirkby, D. F.'s mother's eldest brother.
  2. Probably Edward Tildesley, of Tildesley, Esq., son of Sir Thomas, who was killed in the fight at Wigan, 25 August, 1651. He was born 1635, and his grandmother was an Anderton, hence probably the cousinship. [FN1]
Edward Tyldesley's grandmother was Frances Standish—it is his great-great-grandmother who was Elizabeth Anderton.  Daniel Fleming's maternal aunt was Margaret Kirkby, who married Hugh Anderton.

1. The Flemings in Oxford, Vol 1 1650-1700, Oxford Historical Society, Editor: John Magrath, 1904

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