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Thomas and James Tyldesley at St Omers College 1670

In 1979 Geoffrey Holt published St Omers and Bruges Colleges 1593-1773, A Biographical Dictionary.(1)  Holt outlines the history of the school:
The English Jesuit school at Saint-Omer in Spanish Flanders — known in England as St Omers College — was founded in 1593 by Fr Robert Persons. It remained there until 1762 when, in consequence of attacks on the Jesuits in France which culminated in their destruction in 1764, the College (Saint-Omer being then French territory) was moved to Bruges in the Austrian Netherlands and stayed there until the suppression of the Society of Jesus by papal brief in 1773. It was then continued at Liege under the protection of the prince bishop as the English Academy until it was moved to Stonyhurst in 1794 as a result of the advance of the French Revolutionary armies into the Low Countries.
A range of sources are used by Holt to identify approximately 4,300 boys who were educated at the school—including Col Thomas Tyldesley 1657-1715, the Diarist, and his younger brother, James Tyldesley of Liverpool:
TYLDESLEY or TILSLEY, James. S.O. 1668-70 (or later) (5). ?s. of Edward and Anne (Fleetwood) of Myerscough Lodge, near Garstang, Lancashire. ?br of Thomas. (CRS.6/213-4n; Tyld.102). 
TYLDESLEY, Thomas. S.O. c.1670 (Gil.5/560). b.1657. s. of Myerscough Lodge, near Garstang and Fox Hall, near Blackpool, Lancashire. ?br. of James. m. (1) Eleanor Holcroft (2) Agatha Winckley. d. 1715, Myerscough Lodge. (CRS.6/213-4n; Gil.5/560; Tyld.7, 183).
(5) British Museum. Add. Mss. 9354 — Registrum nominum eorum qui honore digni sunt habiti in Audomarensi Anglorum Gymnasio ab anno 1622 usque ad annum 1670
(Tyld. 7, 102, 183) Tyldesley, T. The Tyldesley Diary, 1712-4. ed. Gillow, J. and Hewitson, A. (1873)
(Gil.5/560)  Gillow, J. Bibliographical Dictionary of the English Catholics (1885-1902)

1. St Omers and Bruges Colleges 1593-1773, A Biographical Dictionary, Catholic Record Society, Volume 69, 1979.

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