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Edward Tyldesley 1622

Edward Tyldesley 1582-1622 was the son of Thomas Tyldesley and Elizabeth Anderton. He married Elizabeth Preston and they had two children: Thomas Tyldesley born in 1612 and a younger son, Edward Tyldesley, who died in infancy.

It is clear from Edward Tyldesley's will that his marriage to Elizabeth Preston was not a happy one:
MARCH 23, 54 James [1620-1]. Edward Tildesley of Morleyes, co. Lancaster, esquier. To be buried in my owne chappell in the church of Leighe. Whereas I have made choice of a match for my sonne Thomas Tildesley according to my desire and likeing, and haveing accordingly married him to Anne, daughter of Edmond Breres, Esq., who hath paid me £600 for the portion of the said Anne, I require my said sonne at his yeares of consent to accept of the said marriage, as well for that out of my love unto him I have made choice thereof, as also to avoide the paiement of those great somes of money which I have charged him to paie if he refuse to consumate the 
said marriage, and I do hereby charge my said sonne that he do not suffer himself to be withdrawne from the said marriage by his unkinde mother, whoe by herself and others hath drawne from me contrarie to my meaneing an estate of £200 per annum dureing her widowhood, for my purpose therein was that she should have the same, being Poulton tythes, dureing her widowhood, if I happned to dye without issue male, haveing then none, and not otherwise. Besides she hath so neglected me and her children, myself being sicklie and they young, therein manifesting her litle regard of us ; and my minde and will is that she shall have nothing to do with either of them by tuicion or otherwise, and as far as in me lyeth, and I give the marriage and wardshippe of my sonne Thomas to Edmond Breres. I ratifie the deed of gift of all my goods that I have made to Edmond Breres and Robert Dewhurst. I give them also all such goods as are not given by the said deed, in trust, for Edward Tildesley my younger sonne. My herbage of Mierscough and my lands, &c., in co. Lancaster to my sonne Thomas. I make Edmond Breres gardian of my sonne Thomas (and of my sonne Edward) to the ende that he maie be matched and married to some of his daughters. James Massey, Esq., and Christopher Anderton of Lostock, gent., executors, and Roger Bradshawe, Esq., my unckle, and John Poole, Esq., my brother in lawe, overseers. To my servants two yeares wages. To my executor Christopher Anderton £60.
[Proved at York, 3 October, 1622.]
Edward's son, Thomas Tyldesley, was to become the famous Cavalier, Sir Thomas Tyldesley 1612-1651. Instead of marrying Anne Breres, as his father had wished, Thomas Tyldesley married Frances Standish, probably around 1634.  

After Edward Tyldesley's death in 1622, Elizabeth Preston was to remarry twice—first to Thomas Lathom of Parbold and second to Thomas Westby of Bourne Hall. The Preston descent is given in The Preston Genealogy [FN2]:
Christopher Preston, Esq.,
who inherited from his father Holker Park, married first, Margaret Southworth, and second, Miss Jephson, and died on the 27th of May 1594. By his first wife he had issue:
i John Preston ; his successor.
ii Thomas Preston, who married the Lady Wandesworth, of Kirklington, but died without issue,
iii Ann Preston, who married Charles Laton, Esq., of Sexey, in Cleveland, and who also died without issue.
By his second wife Christopher Preston had issue
iv Elizabeth Preston, who married first, Thomas Tildesley, Esq., of Morley,by whom she had two sons, one of whom was the renowned Sir Thomas Tildesley, the celebrated loyalist,who lost his life at the battle of Wigan Lane. She married second, Thomas Latham, Esq., of Parbold; she married third, Thomas Westby, Esq., of Mowbreck, and had children by each husband, but of her issue no further account is given.
At his death Christopher Preston was buried at Cartmel Church, being the first of a long line of notable Prestons there entombed.

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