Tuesday 28 August 2012

Woodplumpton Registers 1604-1659

St Anne's, Woodplumpton
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As well as the baptism record for Sir Thomas Tyldesley 1612-1651 the famous Cavalier , the registers of Woodplumpton [FN1] contain two further entries relating to the Tyldesleys.

Two children of Thurstan Tyldesley of Myrescough are baptised—Jane Tyldesley in 1607 and Robert Tyldesley in 1611. Jane and Robert Tyldesley do not appear on the Gillow and Hewitson Pedigree, though it is possible that Thurstan Tyldesley was Sir Thomas Tyldesley's great uncle—normally referred to as Thurstan Tyldesley of Stansacre.

Jane Tyldesley d. of Thurstand Tyldesley of Myrescoughe 26 April 1607
FO 32a
Robte Tyldesley s. of Thurstan Tyldesley of Myerscoughe 13 April 1611

1. Registers of St Michael's on Wyre 1659-1707 and Registers of Woodplumpton 1604-1659, Lancashire Parish Register Society vol 27, 1906