Wednesday 29 August 2012

John Tyldesley 1410

In 1875, William Langton published [FN1] a collection of abstracts from Inquisitions Post Mortem which had been made by Christopher Towneley in the 17th century. Two entries related to the Tyldesleys. The first concerned John Tyldesley:
12 Hen IV. (1st December 1410.) 
[T. p. 494, No. 2137. D. fo. 24.]
INQUISITIO capta apud Asteley virtute br'is die Lune prox: post festum S'ti Andree anno 12 H. 4 Juratores dicunt quod quidam Ricardus Rigby capellanus et Robertus filius Ricardi de Wolston dudum fuerunt seisiti de manerio de Tildesley vocat: Nicholas maner: de Tildeslegh cum pertinentiis ac predictum manerium dederunt Johanni de Tildesley et heredibus masculis de corpore suo si Johannes obiit [s: h: — Dodsw.] rem: Nicholao de Tildesley rem: Ranulpho de Tildesley rem: Thurstano de Tildesley &c. Et quod predicti Johannes Nicholaus et Ranulphus obierunt sine herede Et quod predictus Thurstanus habuit exitum quosdam Thomam de quo breve predict: facit mentionem et Hugo nem et obiit qui quidem Thomas obiit sine herede et terr: descendebant Hugoni ut fratri et heredi predicti Thome Et dicunt quod predictum manerium tenetur Willi'mo Botiller milite per quod servitium ignorant Et dicunt quod Thurstanus de Tildesley fuit seisitus de quadam placea terre vocat: Le Hirst in Tildesley in feodo talliato tent: de predicto Willi'mo Botiller milite Et dicunt quod Johannes de Maunton capellanus fuit seisitus de certis tenementis vocat: le Sperme et le Parke in Tildesley et dedit predict: terr: Thurstano de Tildesley predicto Et dicunt quod predictus Thomas obiit 21 Octobris anno 12 H. 4 Et quod Hugo de Tildesley est frater et heres predicti Thome et etatis 40 annorum.
This provides three names which are missing from the Gillow and Hewitson Pedigree. Thurstan de Tyldesley who married Margaret Workesley had three brothers—John Tyldesley, Nicholas Tyldesley and Ralf Tyldesley, each of whom died sine prole, that is without children. 

The second entry related to Nicholas Tyldesley.

1. Abstracts of Inquisitions Post Mortem, William Langton, Chetham Society FS95, 1875