Friday 28 September 2012

Christ's College, Cambridge

The first volume of the Biographical Register of Christ's College compiled by John Peile [FN1] includes details of two Tyldesleys:
Tylslay, Edward: mat. pen. 1544 Nov. He and Thomas were possibly sons of Thurstan Tyldesley of Wardley, Lanes, who died 1553 (see Croston-Baines, 4. 333): but the dates are not clear. The names Thomas and Edward occur plentifully among the Tyldesleys of Tyldesley, of Wardley and of Morley's Hall in Astley, Lanes.: but I cannot identify these two certainly. Edward of Tyldesley and Morley's Hall (brother of Thomas of Wardley) who died 1587 had sons Edward and Thomas—but according to the pedigree in Croston-Baines (4. 333) he was married in 1560: also Thomas was the elder brother. 
Tylslay, Thomas: imp(ubes): i.e. too young to take the oath at matriculation 1544 Nov. The matriculation of these youthful non-jurors (who appear frequently) seems to have been valid.
In the second volume of his work. Peile noted that he had made an error—Thomas was actually recorded as "Thur" and was therefore likely to be Thurstan:

Lunn suggests that Edward Tyldesley was the son of Thurstan Tyldesley and Jane Tyldesley née Langton, and Thurstan Tyldesley was his nephew, the son of Thomas Tyldesley and Jane Tyldesley, née Birkenhead [F2].

1. Biographical Register of Christ's College, John Peile, 1905
2. The Tyldesleys of Lancashire, John Lunn, 1966 at page 51