Monday 3 September 2012

Ormskirk Registers 1626-1678

The registers for the Parish Church of Ormskirk from 1626 to 1678 were transcribed and published in 1960. They contain 4 entries relating to the Tyldesleys:
26 May 1634
William Tyldesley & Ellen Webster 
January 1657/8
Henry Blundell Esquire Ince in p. Sephton & Bridget Tildsley d. Thomas Tildsley Knight p. Lalond pub. Dec. 24 :Jan.7:14.

29 November 1666
Collected in the parish Church of Ormskirke in money five shillings upon his Majesties letters patents for and Towards the losses of Mr John Asbourne a Rushia Marchant and payd over unto Richard Tildisley of Chester Authorised Acknowledged Received per me [signed] Richard Tildesley 
16 June 1667
Collected upon his Majesties letters pattents for a Lamentable Fyre hapned at Hinxton In the County of Cambridge the Some of five shillings and payd over to: [signed] Richard Tildesley Collector Thomas Wrennall Churchwarden of Ormskirke 
4 August 1667
Collected upon his Majesties letters patents for a Lamentable fyre at Walsh poole the some of eight shillings three pence halfe penny payd over to [signed] Richard Tildeslay Collector
Bridget Tildsley was the daughter of Sir Thomas Tyldesley 1612-1651. William Tyldesley and Richard Tyldesley do not appear in the Gillow and Hewitson Pedigree.

1. Registers of Parish Church of Ormskirk, Lancashire Parish Register Society, Vol 98, 1960