Sunday 16 September 2012

Preston Guild 1702

Volunteers at Lancashire Record Office have recently finished transcribing 27 Guild Rolls from 1397 to 1992—giving almost 45,000 names of Preston's burgesses past and present.

Tyldesleys were admitted in 1622, 1682, 1702, 1722, 1742, 1782, 1802 and 1822—with Roger Ford, a servant to the Tyldesleys, being admitted in his own right in 1642.

The entries for 1702 can be downloaded as an
Excel spreadsheet and include 11 Tyldesleys:
2860 Tyldesley Thomas foreign burgess esquire Lodge
2861 Tyldesley Edward foreign burgess son of Thomas Tyldesley gentleman
2862 Tyldesley Fleetwood foreign burgess brother of Edward Tyldesley
2863 Tyldesley James foreign burgess brother of Fleetwood Tyldesley
2864 Tyldesley Charles foreign burgess brother of James Tyldesley
2865 Tyldesley James foreign burgess brother of the aforesaid Thomas Tyldesley
2866 Tyldesley Thomas foreign burgess brother of Edward of Lodge, deceased
2867 Tyldesley Ralph foreign burgess brother of Thomas Tyldesley gentleman
2868 Tyldesley John foreign burgess gentleman Stanzaker, Myerscough
2869 Tyldesley Francis foreign burgess son of John Tyldesley
2870 Tyldesley Henry foreign burgess brother of Francis Tyldesley
These Tyldesleys split into two family groupings.

First there is Thomas Tyldesley 1657-1715 the Diarist (2860) and his four sons Edward Tyldesley (2861), Fleetwood Tyldesley (2862), James Tyldesley (2863) and Charles Tyldesley.(2864).  The Diarist's brother James Tyldesley, later known as a merchant in Liverpool, is also present (2865), as are the Diarist's two uncles, Thomas Tyldesley (2866) and Ralph Tyldesley (2867).

Second, there are the Stansacre Tyldesleys—John Tyldesley (2868) and his two sons Francis Tyldesley (2869) and Henry Tyldesley (2870).