Sunday 21 April 2013

Orders from Charles I —10 June 1646

As has been noted in a previous post, in 1646 Sir Thomas Tyldesley held the close of Lichfield Cathedral for the King.

On 10 June 1646, Charles I sent orders to Tyldesley to surrender Lichfield and disband his forces. Later in 1646 this order was included by John Vicars in his work Magnalia Dei Anglicana:
About the 14. of this instant June we received certaine knowledge from New Castle of the Kings resolution to give speedie order for the surrendring of all the rest of his Garrisons, which yet held out against the Parliament a Copie whereof I have here thought fit to insert which was as followeth.
HAving resolved to comply with the designes of the Parliament in every thing that may be for the good of the Subjects and leave no meanes unassayed for removing of differences betwixt us; Therefore we have thought fit, the more to evidence the reality of our intentions of settling a happie and firme peace, to require you, upon honourable conditions to quit those Townes, Castles, and Forts intrusted by you to us, and to disband all the forces under your severall commands.
New-Castle the 10. June 1646. 
TO our trusty and welbeloved Sir Thomas Glemham, Sir Thomas Tidsley, Colonell Henry Washington, Colonell Thomas Blague, Governours of our Townes and Castles of Oxford, Worcester, Litchfield, and Wallingford; and all other Commanders of any other Townes, Castles, or Forts, within the Kingdome of England or Dominion of Wales.

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