Saturday 18 May 2013

A List of officers claiming the sixty thousand pounds granted by His Sacred Majesty—Sir Thomas Tyldesley 1612-1651

As noted in a previous post, in 1663 Henry Brome published a list of the officers entitled to share the £60,000 made available under a statute to those officers who had served Charles I and Charles II.

The list was entitled: A List of officers claiming the sixty thousand pounds &c. granted by His Sacred Majesty for the relief of his truly-loyal and indigent party which list is made publique by the consent and at the desire of the honourable the commissioners appointed by act of Parliament for distribution of said moneys. It included the names of 45 men who had served under Sir Thomas Tyldesley 1612-1651:
Sir Thomas Tildesly
Cap Rob Whitfield
Cor John Bradwood
Cap Rowland Beckingham
Cap Geo Westby
Cor Hugh Dickinson
Cap Charles Westby
Cap Cutbert Heskith
Cap Gervase Clifton
Cap John Brookes
Cap Edm Twaddell
Cap Dan Dale
Cap Fran Holden
Lieut Rich Tempest (Lieut to Cap Bailden)
Lieut Rich Butler (Lieut to Cap Butler)
L William Sharpe
L Rich Waring
L William Gerard
Cor John Gardiner (Cor to L C Anderton)
Cor Will Dickinson (Cor to Cap Thomas Winckly)
Q Hen Banister (Q to Cap Thomas Winckly)
Cor James Pearson (Cor to Cap Bamber)
Cor Rob Ingleton (Cor to Cap Carus)
Cor Christopher Anderton (Cor to Cap Anderson)
Quart Edw Waring (Quart to Cap Swin
Quart Edw Rogerson (Quart to Cap Ho
Q John Maughan
Q Edw Oddy
Q Rob Adamson
Cap John Draycott FOOT
Cap Tho Haughton
Cap Rob Westby
Cap James Bradly
Cap James Collier
Lieut John Fletcher (Lieut to LC Andert
Ens Tho Whittingham (Ens to LC And
L Oliver Tootall  (L to Cap Nich And
L Wilfrid Carus (L to Cap Brabant)
L John Dawson (L to Cap Bradkirk)
L Edw Cripling (L to Maj Ord)
L William Werden (L to Cap Swingler)
Lieut John Whiteside
Ens Hen Harling (Ens to Maj Harling)
Ens Edw Corney (Ens to Cap Martin)
Ens Thomas Walmsly
Ens Tho Yates (Ens to Cap Butler)
The list also included Edward Tyldesley, who served under Sir William Bradshaigh.

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