Saturday 14 September 2013

Margaret Greetham née Tyldesley 1850

Image reproduced courtesy of Manx National Heritage

On 28 December 1850, the Manx Sun reported the death of Margaret Greetham née Tyldesley:
On Friday, the 13th instant, at Derby Square, Douglas, Isle of Man, in the 77th year of her age, Margaret Tyldesley, relict of the late Benjamin Greetham. Esq., of Liverpool: she was last of the ancient name of Tyldesley. The family of the Tyldesley's are nearly connected with the house of Derby, and many of the ancient families on this Island. Richard J. Greetham, Esq.. of Nunclose, near Carlisle, her oldest and only son, the present proprietor ot the Friary and other estates, which have descended in a direct line for 400 years, now intends to take the name of one of his ancestors, Richard Thurston De Tyldesley, who was a member of the House of Keys, in the year 1422.

A further report appeared in the Westmorland Gazette on 4 January 1851:
On the 13th ult. in Derby Square, Douglas, Isle of Man, aged 77 years, Margaret Tyldesley, relict of the late J. Greetham, Esq. of Liverpool, great grand-daughter of the late Edward Stanley, Esq., of Preston and Ribbleton first bart. of Bickerstaff and descendant of Sir Thomas Tyldesey and Morley, who from his firm adherence to the Derby family and the royal cause, was killed at the battle of Wigan Fane in 1651.
Some of the details in these reports are incorrect. Richard J Greetham did not have an ancestor named Richard Thurston De Tyldesley.  Margaret Tyldesley's connection with the Stanleys appears to be that her great-grandmother was Ann Stanley, who married Richard Tyldesley.  So far as is known Edward Stanley was not her great-grandfather. And whilst Margaret Tyldesley was undoubtedly related to Sir Thomas Tyldesley 1612-1651 she was not a descendant—on the available evidence it is most likely that she was a fourth cousin, four times removed.

Doug Greetham has carried out detailed research into the Greetham family history, and has identified 6 children of the marriage between Benjamin Greetham and Margaret Tyldesley:
  1. Richard James Greetham, born about 1797, died 2 July 1853 (married first Sarah Cawkwell in 1822 and second Sarah White).
  2. Thomas Tyldesley Greetham, born in 1799, died 23 July 1801.
  3. Benjamin Greetham, born 23 April 1801, died 26 June 1849, (married to Elizabeth Evans).
  4. Mary Anne Greetham, born 29 May 1803.
  5. Catharine Greetham, born about 1804.
  6. Robert Quayle Greetham, born about 1805, died 1 May 1848.

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